Introduction to Transpersonal Psychology: Exploring Developmental Models and Transformative Practices [Online]

Friday-Saturday, July 15-16, 2022, 9 a.m.-12 p.m.  |  6 CEUs

Many ancient traditions speak about transforming suffering into a resource for internal strength and growth. Transpersonal psychology is grounded in the whole human experience: spirituality, higher potential, transcendence, and other states of consciousness.

While life experiences can sometimes result in psychological distress, they can also result in positive psychological changes. These positive changes may include the development of new perspectives, personal growth, the cultivation of one’s own spirituality, and connecting with something greater than themselves—regardless of religious affiliation.

This workshop for counselors, therapists and other practitioners will explore the integration of spirituality and transpersonal psychology in therapy and self-of-the-therapist. Participants will examine transpersonal development models and the therapist’s role in facilitating the meaning-making process, as well as how this process might help clients cultivate their own spirituality through adverse experiences. Furthermore, this workshop will discuss and explore the clinician’s spiritual identity and self-of-the-therapist transpersonal practices.

Following the training, participants will be able to:

-Describe and understand the various types of transpersonal development models

-Explore the clinician’s spiritual identity and self-of-the-therapist

-Understand the unique spiritual intersectionality that occurs while working with diverse cultures and belief systems

-Experiment with transpersonal practices for therapeutic integration and self-of-the-therapist development

-Assess a client systems psycho-spiritual development history