The human capacity for reflection is an important aspect of understanding, motivation, inspiration, personal growth, and transformative change.

 Jessica Thomas, PhD, LMFT

Displaying a multidimensional perspective gained through her education in Family Systems and Transpersonal Psychology, Dr. Jessica Thomas, has extensive education and experience helping those struggling with loss, anticipatory grief, complicated grief, depression, anxiety, PTSD, couple’s and family conflict, and life transitions.

Jessica’s compassion and expertise stems from her understanding of the web of connections and emotional dynamics unfolding in contemporary families, couples, and larger organizational systems. She believes that we are all connected, that through awareness we can create meaning, and learn the causes of our own happiness and the conditions for others’ happiness. Clients are guided through a therapeutic process of honest reflection, meaning-making, mindfulness practice, and sometimes, artistic expression. She works co-creatively with individuals, couples, and families to develop authentic treatment plans according to needs, wants, and personalities. She also guides groups through creative and reflective practices that bring deeper awareness, inspiration, inner peace, joy, and healing.

Dr. Jessica Thomas currently serves as president on the board of The NW Association for Death Education and Bereavement Support. As a professor at Lewis and Clark College, she teaches on death, loss and psycho-spiritual crises, oversees clinical training, and teaches research methods. Her doctoral research, Mindful Photography and its Implications in End-of-life Caregiving: An Art-based Phenomenology focused on creative expression and the experience of anticipatory loss. Jessica utilizes mindful photography as a spiritual practice and in therapy groups with those experiencing grief and loss.

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